Tips for buying a dehumidifier for home

Consider the following when buying a dehumidifier for home

Dehumidifiers are manufactured to reduce the amount of moisture in a room.

Humidity levels of 50% or more is uncomfortable, it can damage your property, and damaging for your health. You should ideally have the room's humidity level to be about 30% and 50%.

The question is which dehumidifier?
Dehumidifiers all work in the same way with models varying in shape, size and features.

Here are some pointers to help you buy the best dehumidifier for home:.

Dehumidifier capacity - a reasonable size tank will hold 3 to 4 litres.
Dehumidifier noise can be bothering if you're using the room when the dehumidifier is on. Look for low noise if that is the case.
Frost control - check the dehumidifier has frost control, this will prevent the dehumidifier from freezing up.
Automatic dehumidifiers - look for a dehumidifier with a in-built humidistat that keeps a constant monitor of your room's humidity and will automatically switch off when the water tank is full or the required humidity level is reached.
Dehumidifier energy efficiency. Look for energy-saving features that can help to combat the electricity cost.
Storage. Dehumidifiers can be bulky - so make sure you have space for it.
Other nice features
a timer, which can come in handy if your electricity is cheaper at particular times of the day
wheels to make moving it around easier
easy-to-understand settings and dials

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